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Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine, though simple, has a nice combination of fresh, smoked and pickled ingredients. Though the cooking techniques are not complex, the dishes many include a huge variety of ingredients.

Borshch Beetroot Soup

Borscht (Borshch) is a famous Ukrainian vegetable soup which contains beets, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, onion and dill. You can get this borscht soup in about 30 varieties.


Varenky (Perogy), which forms a part of the main course, are dumplings which have stuffing of cheese and potato, and is generally served boiled.

Olivye (Salade Olivier) is a famous Ukrainian salad made using chopped and cooked potatoes, boiled chopped eggs, dill pickles, cooked and chopped ham, canned peas, chopped onions and all these are mixed in mayonnaise.

Paska is rich traditional Easter bread which is short and round in shape. The paska is decorated with Easter symbols like crosses or roses.

Kutia is a traditional Christmas dish which is made using wheat, poppy seeds, honey, nuts and delicacies.

If you ever travel to Ukraine do taste these amazing delicacies. Once you eat them, its amazing taste will surely linger in your taste buds for a long, long time.


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European Cuisine

Beef StewIf you are traveling across Europe, tasting the best European cuisine should be on the top of your priority list. Collectively known as the Western cuisine, a European cuisine is the combination of the diversified sources of food preparations coming from North America, Russia, Oceania, Australasia and Latin America. The heart of the ingredient of most European cuisines is meat and the servings are usually larger. Most of the dishes served are rich in protein and usually travelers find it an exceptional experience to try out European cuisines of seafoods with sauces and seasoning for a more palatable taste.

Just like the Asian style of food preparation, European dishes are usually prepared with varieties of sauces and condiments. European countries usually share similarities in their dishes and cuisines. If you travel in Russia, don’t forget to try their vodka and beef stroganoff. If you happen to visit Poland, you will find out that the flaki and vigos are a common favorite stew cuisine among tourists. Other countries in Europe use dairy products for adding a speck of taste in their dishes. If there is one cuisine that is common among the various European countries, it is the Kielbasa which is a very popular Eastern European sausage.

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