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The top ten attractions Barcelona

Whoever thinks Barcelona, thinks almost immediately laid the beach, warm weather and the historic art of architect Antoni Gaudi. If you go on vacation this summer and want to know Barcelona, €‹these are ten good places to explore.
Barcelona is located in the Catalan part of Spain. It is the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona had in 2008 1.615.908 inhabitants with an area of €‹101.4 km2. Barcelona is a major cultural center of Europe. Its beautiful beaches, ports, a vast shopping 5 km and the magic of architect Antoni Gaudi.

1. Sagrada Familia
Of course, an inevitable visit to Barcelona with a visit to Gaudi’s masterpiece. The Sagrada Familia. A huge church in the middle of town. The construction of the church began in 1882 and has not yet been completed. People are busy building and renovations. It will take 30 years before the church will be completely finished.

2. Parc Guell
Parc Guell is also a beautiful masterpiece of Gaudi. The vast park is beautiful to walk and the museum of Gaudi can be seen lying in the middle of the park. This is the ancestral home of Gaudi.

3. Casa Milla
Located in the heart of Barcelona you will find La Pedrera, Casa Milla either. The building resembles a quarry. You can walk many steps and you imagine yourself in a fairy tale when you reach the roof and views over Barcelona and the beautiful artistic sculptures on the roof.

4. La Rambla
If you like shopping, La Rambla is for you. It is Europe’s most famous boulevard. Street artists, shops and restaurants form the backdrop to the warm center. Here bustles day and night and is an experience to visit.

5. Parc Montjuic
This park is one of the most famous in Barcelona and a park where there is always something to do. It is situated on the shoreline and located on a huge hill, from where once the sea was being watched in wars. At the Castell de Montjuic hill. You will also find there that in 1989 the stadium was renovated for the Olympics.
Evening formed a spectacle of water, light and music on the huge hill. Placa d’Espanya. A magical fountain that every summer a new show every half hour shows.
From the hilltop you can into the sea to watch the horizon and look back over the city of Barcelona. It is advisable to stay here a few hours and at the end of the afternoon, admire the city from the hill and at night again.

6. Barcelona Zoo
One of the biggest zoos in Europe, the Barcelona Zoo. Many different animals and many attractions for children. The zoo is located in Parc de la Ciutadella, the old town and next to the beach.

7. L’Aquarium de Barcelona
Located within walking distance of Barcelona Zoo is the second biggest sea aquarium in Europe. At the port. Three different pools with thousands of big and small fish. For example, in ocean life sharks. The basin has 4 million liters of water clears. The two others contain living in tropical waters. There are several passages where waist under the water running and the fish swim over you.

8. Barri Gotic
Barri Gotic is a neighborhood in the oldest part of Barcelona. Here the Romans founded their settlement Barci. This can be found in the historical museum built on Roman ruins.
Although the name suggests that it is a Gothic Quarter, you will find not only these buildings. The largest building is the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, popularly called La Seu. This Gothic building was dedicated to a girl by the Romans was put to shame by her naked on the square to show.

9. Transbordador Aeri Del Port
For those afraid of heights this is not an attraction to go. A cable car from the port to the top of Montjuic Parc runs. Hang around 100 meters above the city with a stop at the World Trade Center. Every fifteen minutes a cab heuvelopwaards.

10. FC Barcelona
For lovers of football, a visit to the stadium of FC Barcelona will not be missed. The football temple every year 1 million visitors is a very great experience. When the stadium is a museum. more »

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