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Things to do while on vacation in New Zealand

There are plenty of things to do while on vacation in New Zealand. The first thing to do is to visit the national parks of New Zealand. The most popular national parks are Whanganui, Egmount, Mount Aspiring, and Nelson Lakes. Whanganui National Park holds New Zealand’s longest navigable waterway. It is a perfect place for birdwatchers because of the variety of birds that make their home at Whanganui. Egmount National Park is the home of the volcano Taranaki, which peaks at 2518 meters. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk into their beautiful forests to see their waterfalls. Mount Aspiring National Park has New Zealand’s most scenic walks with rock formations. It is named for New Zealand’s highest peak, Mount Aspiring. Nelson Lakes National Park is perfect for hikers because of its mountainousness ranges.

The second thing to do is to take a campervan New Zealand. It can be a more affordable way to see the scenery of New Zealand. This is because the campervan provides a visitor with bedding, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, gas cooker, heater, and a sink with running water. A motorhome hire New Zealand are the same price as a rental car with a lot more options. Most campervans provide the visitor with roadside service no matter where they are in New Zealand. The vans are very reliable because they are serviced regularly. more »