10 must see American destinations

HawaiiEach trip gives you an opportunity to learn something new, see cultural and historical monuments and learn about new cultures. However, some places are more special than others, and it certainly is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. We are bringing you 10 magical locations you need to visit if you travel to the USA or you live there and you have the need to travel somewhere.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Golden Gate Park ConservatoryOf all the beautiful places that you can visit on the west coast of America, San Francisco certainly belongs at the top of that list. The compact size of the city, the mild climate and the hospitality of the citizens of San Francisco are accessible and attractive to tourists. When you are already there, you need to visit Park Golden Gate.

It is definitely one of the most impressive things you can see in San Francisco, especially if the weather is nice. The extent of this urban park is also impressive, a few kilometers long and about a mile wide, it is annually visited by about 13 million people and is therefore the third most visited city parks in the United States. Particular emphasis is placed on the greenhouse in Victorian style, which is the pearl of the whole park. You will not regret it if you visit at any time of the year. There you can spend the whole day just walking and enjoying the outdoors. Even if you have children, you can stop by the Bison Paddock on the west side of the park, or take your kids to the carousel on the other side of the park.


Disney WorldIn the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida the world’s largest centers for family fun are located. Here is the world’s famous Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World’s great aquariums, and many other large and small popular tourist attractions. A series of tropical islands called the Florida Keys extends beneath Florida. Many of the islands are connected by a series of bridges, of which Seven Mile Bridge is the most spectacular; the bridge is often used as a location for shooting films. Bridges take you through numerous large and small islands to the most famous, most beautiful and most remote islands, Key West, a real pirate tropical paradise.

Heavenly Hawaii

Magnificent series of magical beautiful volcanic islands, Hawaii, lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. These islands are a true tropical paradise with a very pleasant and warm climate throughout the year. Beautiful sandy beach, shade provided by palm trees and warm blue sea attracts millions of visitors every year. They are popular among newlyweds as a perfect honeymoon destination.

Los Angeles, California

Los AngelesLos Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and the largest city on the west coast. City where film history is created is home to many world-renowned acting stars. Neighborhoods like Hollywood and Beverly Hills are on everyone’s list as mandatory places to visit in LA. White endless sandy beaches, pleasant climate and rough sea attract many surfers.

Yosemite National Park, California

The land that we all identify with white beaches and soaking up the sun, lies the beautiful Yosemite National Park known for its majestic steep cliffs and numerous waterfalls that surround the valley of Yosemite. On the mountain peaks around the valley dotted with snow cover, and in the forests of the park grow giant sequoia. This is a perfect destination for climbers, hikers and photographers.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

In the state of Wyoming lies Yellowstone National Park where the greatest concentration of geysers, hot springs and thermal phenomena in the world is located. In the forests around the geysers bison, moose, bears and many other wild animals live. Rich wild life can be felt as soon as you step away from some of the roads that pass the park.

Washington, District of Columbia (DC)

Washington DCA must see location in Washington is The White House which is home to the President of the United States. The beautiful building from the late 18th century was first used by President John Adams. It is the only presidents’ residence in the world that is open to visitors. But after September 11th tourist tours of the White House has become strictly controlled.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las VegasGambling mecca of the world lies in the middle of the Nevada desert. Numerous casinos can be found throughout the city, but the largest and most spectacular are on the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard. Here the mega-casino hotels are decorated to the smallest details in order to create an atmosphere that you have to experience in order to be able to imagine it. Casinos names are very imaginative and they aim to increase the mystery, romance and fantasy, as well as to encourage people to spend money.

Manhattan, NY

New YorkManhattan, the miracle of human hands, the business mecca of New York, a place full of bustle and crowds. This place is created in the minds of most people when they think of the Big Apple. Skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty, Broadway shows, the Empire State Building, the green oasis of Central Park, numerous museums, all this is only a fraction of what Manhattan has to offer.

Niagara Falls

The most spectacular natural wonder of North America is located on the border between Canada and the United States. Niagara Falls on the Niagara River is three extremely tight waterfalls one of which is located in Canada. From the highest point of the cliffs, 168 000 cubic meters of water flood the waterfalls. These waterfalls are visited by more than 14 million tourists, which makes them one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.

USA is a land of the variety and innumerable tourist destinations of incredible skyscrapers of New York City or Chicago, many beautiful natural wonders to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, California and Florida. We’re sure you will find something interesting to visit on our list. Safe trip!

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