Social Problems in Africa

Social Problems in Africa: A Façade for Beauty and Adventure

looking for AdventureSocial problems in Africa are part of what makes this continent a must-see and a must-go destination. Despite being known as the poorest and ergo an underdeveloped continent, it has never left the whole world captivated and enchanted with its promised enigma.

Africa is composed of over 50 plus nations, each with its own tribes that have for generations perfectly preserved their own unique language, cultures and traditions. Some of the famous tribes are the Samburu and Maasai of Kenya, the San or Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and the Himba of Namibia. Visiting one of their villages or camp is a unique experience on its own. The rural life is surreal. Some of these tribes are still nomadic and would travel from place to place to look for pastoral areas for their cattle, goats, camels and sheep. It is like going back in time when the earth was young and uncomplicated.

The population explosion on this side of the planet has produced resilient and fun loving people who manage to survive the many social problems in Africa. The spirit of the people here is both infectious and humbling in the face of poverty and adversity. These people who are forever battling a poor health system or a corrupt government never fails to dance, sing and live life with gusto.

Live and learn in Africa by trying out wildlife safaris and experience really getting close to nature and the endemic animals that call the place its home. If you are rearing for more adrenaline rush, you can also experience tracking down gorillas or follow the wildebeests and zebras annual migration. Do not forget to meet the big five as well as the little five when you venture out to the rest of the continent.

Hiking, trekking and camping are pretty popular activities too. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and the Atlas Mountains are common destinations for those who want to sweat it out. It is all worth it though because one gets to see the beauty of God’s creation spread out on top of these peaks. At night, you can be lulled to sleep by the sounds of lions, hyenas and other wild animals while blanketed in an endless sea of stars.

Whoever said that Africa is synonymous to hot, mirage filled desserts surely dozed off during his/her world geography class! North Africa’s East coast has long been a Mecca for sun worshippers. It has endless white sand beaches lined with skyscraping coconut trees facing the Indian Ocean. The islands of Seychelles are a popular getaway for famous personalities. Meanwhile, in South Africa you can dive and play hide and seek with great white sharks and the southern wright whale. This is surely an experience you will live to tell your grandchildren about!

Do not be a tourist, but be a traveler. It makes a world of difference. When you are a traveler, you get to tap into the soul of the nation, and what better way to do this than to volunteer to address some of the social problems in Africa.

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