Enjoying Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island know for dance, art, and music. With a population of around 3,551,000, Bali contains exquisite beaches, spas, volcanoes, and water activities

Visitors can stay in luxurious accommodations while enjoying a high level of service. Bali Villas provide individuals on holiday with services that are second to none. Some of the services provided are: twenty four hour customer care, security, speed boat access, babysitting, chef service, and daily housekeeping. Due to its outstanding facilities, excellent services, exquisite views, and easy access to a variety of activities, Bali Villas can provide lasting memories and relaxation to those on holiday.

Volcanoes are a rare sight for many. There are a number of volcanoes to observe while in Bali. One of these is the Batur Volcano. Last erupted in the year 2000, Batur Volcano is considered active. Rising over 700 meters in the sky, this amazing attraction peaks the interest of many tourists. There are helicopter services that can take individuals to view the beautiful, giant mountains more closely.

The traditional dances of Bali are a must-see for visitors to the island. The Fire Dance is an amazing display of Indonesian culture. Dancers become so involved with their artistic display that they effortlessly walk across hot coals. Other dances focus on beautiful costumes and rhythm and movement to a musical instrument called gamelan.

Taking a reef cruise can provide beauty and relaxation to many on holiday. Snorkeling, swimming, and soaking in the sun are popular activities that go hand-in-hand with a cruise

Both children and adults can be up close and personal with elephants while in Bali. A safari park tour allows visitors to watch the enormous animals bathe, eat, and go about their daily lives. Elephant rides through the tropical park are available to those who visit.

White water rafting and eco cycling is available to those who like to mix adventure with exercise. Enjoy spectacular scenery and thrills that go along with these adventurous activities.

Volcanoes, traditional dances, and first class accommodation service are awaiting those who chose a Bali holiday. The beauty and hospitality of this tropical island can provide lasting memories for the whole family.

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