Camper Tents & Trailers – Explanation and Benefits

A regular tent is the most inexpensive shelter and can be stored in your closet or garage along with he sleeping bags and, of course, would be more logical to take if you hike into the wilderness. A wise idea is one with screen windows on two sides to allow the breeze to go through.

Camper tents or camping trailer tents like those at Camper Trailers Aus give you a place to sleep plus storage space, and there are many sizes, shapes, and prices involved when you are making a choice.  Camper trailer from camper trailer manufacturers like will have a higher price because they have to be raised by a mechanical or hydraulic method and have extra weight that may be difficult to tow. A car top camper (roof top tent) is also expensive but has quick set up, a solid floor, a foam mattress built right in, and plenty of room. One piece covers for a pickup truck’s cargo bed with tent attached are lower priced and are efficient in fuel economy, but they have less storage space, poor ventilation, and you have to sleep on the steel floor.

Off road camper trailers like are designed to be taken off road on camping trips and into the Australian Outback. For a normal off road camper trailer, it is wise to set it up at home ahead of time to check for any needed repairs, spray it with a silicone sealant, and check out all your camping equipment. It is also smart to bring a tarp to keep your sleeping bag from getting wet and, if your tent isn’t waterproof, use another tarp to place over your tent to keep the rain out. Camper trailers also offer a more complete solution with a full package tent in a trailer for the road.

Have you heard of a hammock tent? It is light, you don’t have to bring poles and stakes, etc., and it takes up only minimal space in a backpack! It is made of waterproof material, has insect webbing, and allows you to sleep without the problems of rocks, rough or wet ground, tree roots, etc. If you’re in the market for a camper trailer, I’d personally recommend you consider taking a look at what’s on offer from GIC Campers, and also have a look around online at your options.

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