European Cuisine

Beef StewIf you are traveling across Europe, tasting the best European cuisine should be on the top of your priority list. Collectively known as the Western cuisine, a European cuisine is the combination of the diversified sources of food preparations coming from North America, Russia, Oceania, Australasia and Latin America. The heart of the ingredient of most European cuisines is meat and the servings are usually larger. Most of the dishes served are rich in protein and usually travelers find it an exceptional experience to try out European cuisines of seafoods with sauces and seasoning for a more palatable taste.

Just like the Asian style of food preparation, European dishes are usually prepared with varieties of sauces and condiments. European countries usually share similarities in their dishes and cuisines. If you travel in Russia, don’t forget to try their vodka and beef stroganoff. If you happen to visit Poland, you will find out that the flaki and vigos are a common favorite stew cuisine among tourists. Other countries in Europe use dairy products for adding a speck of taste in their dishes. If there is one cuisine that is common among the various European countries, it is the Kielbasa which is a very popular Eastern European sausage.

You can try different European cuisines by visiting Europe’s most popular hotels and restaurants that serve the best European dishes for you to enjoy. In Italy, number one on the list of Forbes is Osteria Francescana in Modena, where they serve the best and tastiest steak, BBQ and pizzas that tourists usually come to try and enjoy for fine dining. In Balmain, you should visit the La Boheme Café where you can try their personalized schnitzel to eat with a Bohemian beer. At your choice, you can opt for a duck liver with rye bread or choose to eat a sausage marinated in spices on rye bread.

If you want to fly to Switzerland, your best stop should be the L’Hotel de Ville that is located in the central district of Zurich. They serve the best premier quality European dishes with excellent presentation that will further make your mouth water. If you want to taste the best garlic butter chicken, try the Brasserie Lipp restaurant. You can find also the second best restaurant in the world in Europe, the Fat Duck Restaurant. They serve the most seductive dishes including numerous European cuisines that attract tourists for a repeated visit.

If you want to find the best Dutch dishes, try visiting Northern Europe. A variety of European dishes are usually served here from Irish stew, haggis, and chicken tika masala, all of which are the national dishes in England. If you love waffles, chocolates and mussels, then you should visit Berlin and Belgium where you can find great Western European cuisines to taste. For pasta lovers, you should travel across Southern Europe where the region’s cuisine specialties are more on pasta dishes such as bologna. Enjoy eating your pasta speckled with hams and varieties of cheeses.

Wherever you may go in Europe, there is absolutely a perfect European dish that will suit your distinctive taste. Tourists who visit Europe are always excited to taste their unique dishes with the blend of spices that makes European cuisines very different and special.

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